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Reifenhäuser Blown Film GmbH is one of the global leading providers of blown film lines and machinery. with our technologies, innovative spirit and know-how along the entire value chain, we enable our customers worldwide to produce blown films with high quality. This is what we have proved in more than7,000 projects.

Products and services

Reifenhäuser Blown Film is a member of the Reifenhäuser Group - the biggest network in plastics extrusion technology worldwide. With the EVOLUTION blown film series, we offer technology for reliable and extremely efficient production of blown films. You can produce 1- to 12- layer blown films of the highest quality from basic packaging applications up to highly complex barrier films. With the EVOLUTION Agriculture technology, we now also offer 5- & 7- layer configuration especially for the production of agricultural film and up to die diameter of 2,500 mm. Due to the modular designs of the EVOLUTION systems, we bring out the best in blown film technology to meet the requirements of each product. For products with very high quality requirements, it is recommended to choose components from our EVOLUTION Ultra series.

Ultra Flat

Ultra Flat technology is the solution for high quality films with best flatness. Production with Ultra Flat consumes up to 30% less ink and adhesive consumption during the converting process. Reduced film camber leads to less edge trim and higher speeds in lamination and bag-making process.

Ultra Die

Our 9-layer Ultra Die head is the most compact in the market. Our Smart Melt Flow technology ensures the highest flexibility in terms of layer ratios and the fastest start-up. This technology also grants the fastest product change over time in the industry, which results in the lowest waste rate for maximum resin savings during every product change.

Ultra Stretch

Our patented Ultra Stretch technology is the solution for production of breathable diaper backsheet film as well as for different packaging applications. Ultra Stretch stretches the film from the first heat, which results in lower energy consumption, high process stability, lower investment and total flexibility in production. This production process enables the film with best properties. Profitability can be increased by 27% at the same time.

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