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OCS develops and produces measurement equipment for the polymer & petrochemical industry as well as oil and gas industry, specialised in Turn-key laboratories.

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OCS Raw Material Inspection Systems are the solution for optical, rheological and physical polymer properties control, they guarantee best polymer quality for the fields of polymerisation, processing and application either on-line or off-line.

OCS Web Inspection Systems are able to detect even the smallest defects in polymer films, located and analysed in detail during the production process as well as film processing and finishing process. As a modular system the FSP600 achieves a 100 % surface control for running high speeds and high resolutions.

OCS Turn Key Lab Solutions increase efficiency and help in attaining the desired outcome. Dealing with one company smoothes the progress of the project on a whole. We are your partner from the first steps in the areas of Consultancy, Planning, Realisation, Equipment, and Training up to optimal after sale services.

PA66 Pellet Analyzer

OCS Pellet Analyser measures various quality characteristics at the same time. Its modular concept allows the measurement of colour spectrums (Colour Measurement CM2), impurities and contaminations (Pellet Scan PS25C) such as size and shape irregularities (Pellet Size & Shape Distribution PSSD) within seconds after material feeding. Depending on customer requests the PA66 can be fed manually or with the Pellet Transport System PTS during production process.

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On-line Rheometer OP5

The OP5 enables certified measurements of the Melt Index (MI) and/or polydispersity of polymer powder or pellet samples. The OP5 gives overall control of many types of polymerisation processes to specific formulations as well as quality control in final product selling specifications. Representative samples are transported from each reactor stage and from the finished product at the call of each analyser. The real time between the reaction and the measurement is 5-10 minutes.

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Cast Film Line

The OCS Cast Film Line produces high-quality flat film to point out and measure optical and physical defects. All settings and parameters are stored in the touch panel control system, which guarantees the reproducibility of the film at any time. The system is able to detect gels, contaminations, degradations and other impurities as well as haze, gloss, density and other defect types.

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